Calcutta Rescue
The Main Operations

    Are located in different areas of Kolkata
    and offer free primary healthcare, plus specialist medical programmes,including leprosy treatment. 

    Are stationed close to slum areas, allowing residents easy access on foot to
    free medical care, plus health education, hygiene and disease prevention.

    Operate in the outlying countryside, providing free medical treatment and health care for impoverished villagers.

    Provide free education, health care, nutrition, and the prospect of a successful future to over 500 disadvantaged or orphaned children

    Protect villagers from poisonous and potentially fatal drinking water.

    Teach people different skills which allow them them to earn a living.

    Provides training in spinning and weaving. The end products are used in producing handicrafts plus making bandages/dressings for the clinics.

    Offers instruction in the making of handicrafts and decorative items. The workers learn valuable skills, earn a good salary, and the revenue from sales helps to fund the work of Calcutta Rescue.


Calcutta Rescue is dedicated to helping the poorest and most disadvantaged

people in Kolkata and rural West Bengal

-The spectrum of medical help goes far beyond treating diseases, injuries, burns and other trauma. Those facing a slow death with drug-resistant HIV or TB and are given life-saving medications. Leprosy victims receive not only effective treatment, but custom-made shoes to fit their permanently deformed feet.

Left untreated, Leprosy is a relentless, crippling and terrible affliction

Custom-made footwear brings mobility and dignity to leprosy victims
with feet deformed by the disease

At the clinics, care goes beyond laboratory tests and investigations to surgery and treatments for cardiac, cancer and other conditions, often by an authoritative referral to government hospitals, who tend to turn unkempt homeless people away, especially if they have no identity papers. 

Calcutta Rescue's four clinics are low cost, simple, but efficiently run and very effective

- This is supplemented by free clothing, nutritional supplements, and travelling expenses for those arriving from the countryside. Beyond these areas, Calcutta Rescue also works closely with other agencies in providing disability care, physiotherapy and emotional support.

- Lastly, but of vital importance, Calcutta Rescue has installed and maintains filtration units to remove arsenic from water wells in West Bengal. This is saving thousands of villagers from long-term exposure to poisonous arsenic, which causes cancer, most commonly of the skin, lungs, urinary bladder, and kidney.

- Calcutta Rescue's activities also extend beyond the medical field into one equally vital - granting the precious gift of literacy, learning and vocational training. The two Calcutta Rescue schools in Kolkata provide free education, meals (and medical care - one even has a dentist's chair!) to hundreds of eager children, many of whom progress to senior schools with fees and expenses paid for them.

The children, despite their situation, are a joy to be with.

- Every year therefore, dozens of street children, otherwise doomed to a life of begging, prostitution, or worse, graduate with a career opportunity. Patients and former students are also given the opportunity to acquire useful skills such as computers, carpentry, motor repairs, driving, hairdressing and cosmetic treatments, handicrafts and weaving.

Basic computer skills open the door for future employment

In the latter case, two weaving workshops operate in the countryside produce fabrics for clothing, bandages and also for a Handicrafts Project where attractive items, now officially designated Fair Trade, are offered for sale to visitors.

The spinning and weaving project creates employment, engenders skills,
plus provides raw materials for handicrafts and bandages

Foreign volunteers display handicrafts on sale to tourists at the
Fairlawn Hotel in Sudder Street, Kolkata.

The annual cost of maintaining the operation is approximately 700,000 Euros, generated by Support Groups in different countries, and individual donors inspired by Jack Preger's story, plus impressed by what Calcutta rescue has become today - a compassionate, no-frills, cost-effective organisation, dedicated to helping the helpless.

If you wish to help, you can donate any amount, secure in the knowledge that your contribution will go directly to help the people described in this text, and not to maintain air-conditioned offices, pay salaries for executives, or support a costly administration.

If you visit Kolkata, you will be able to witness this work happening for yourself - and inevitably be inspired by it. Inspection tours of the clinics and schools are arranged on a regular basis.

Lastly, if you are making or revising a Last Will & Testament, what better gift to leave behind than specifying an amount to be donated to Calcutta Rescue?

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