-A medical clinic seeing several hundred patients a day.

Now imagine…..

-A clinic operating at the side of the road,  equipment, medical records, medicines, staff, everything.


-Packing all of this up every evening, and setting it up again every morning.


-Doing all this for free, in a filthy third world city with temperatures often over 40˚C, or lashed by monsoon rains.

Dr. Jack Preger 

Imagine….(if you still can)

-Any doctor being able to do this for 14 days.

Now meet a British doctor from Manchester who did this every day - without charging his patients a penny - for 14 YEARS.

His name is Jack Preger MBE.

He is still providing free medical treatment to the street dwellers of Kolkata, and he will be 80 years old on 25th July 2010.

The best birthday present you can give him is to forward this web site link on to friends, or your local newspaper.

The more people who learn of his life and achievements, the more help he is likely to get in order to continue his wonderful work.

You are invited now to read his incredible story.

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