Four very basic but very effective clinics (at Belgachia, Chitpur, Sealdah, and Tala Park) plus a mobile clinic provide free medical treatment and health education to over 100,000 poor people every year.   

Mobile clinics allow visits close to slum areas 

Jack - at 88 years old - will retire in 2018 

And has enjoyed many visits from medical volunteers from overseas such as Dr. Noel McFadden, pictured above

Patients wait, knowing that their needs will be met, without paying one single rupee.
Calcutta Rescue requires about 700,000 Euros a year to provide this care

Dedicated doctors forego better salaries elsewhere to work for Calcutta Rescue. 

Calcutta Rescue also provides treatment for drug-resistant strains of TB and HIV. 

And leprosy (Hansen's disease) - named after Norwegian physician Gerhard Hansen.

Leprosy, almost now unknown in the West is a devastating condition if left untreated. 

Simple symbols on medical prescriptions overcome literacy barriers

Old people are given hope for a longer life

And perhaps most important of all, children given an education; the chance of a successful future, instead of a life of exploitation, disease and deprivation.

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