Before describing what Calcutta Rescue does, it is important to know that the simple and Spartan infrastructure ensures donations are utilised to the maximum. There are no plush offices. No executive salaries. No high-tech equipment. No air-conditioning. No staff cars. No personal expense accounts. No entertaining. No nice green surroundings. This is the kind of sight you are likely to see as you approach the Calcutta Rescue Head Office .

Locally employed Indian staff, including the doctors, work for a basic salary which they often need to supplement by taking a second job. Foreign volunteers pay for their own travel to Kolkata, accommodation, food and personal expenses.    

This said, the small and simple head office of Calcutta Rescue seems inversely proportional to the huge and complicated work it performs. 

Located on the fourth floor of an old building, up narrow, well-worn stairs stained by decades of chewed betel nut, dedicated Indian staff and foreign volunteers work with the most basic facilities, working wonders for the desperate and the disadvantaged souls they are totally committed to help.

-And not a single rupee is wasted


Most of the computers and office equipment is donated by companies and well-wishers

The office runs on a tiny budget

A battery of batteries keeps the systems going during frequent power cuts

Meetings are often held on the roof - for there is no room downstairs...

...and are often joined by Calcutta Rescue's former CEO the late "Dr. Bobby" (top left)

And making posters for the clinics is a tiny but important part of it.

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