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There is an online e-book of 17 chapters about Jack Preger's life, including his early childhood, his family, his religious struggles, the strange message on the tractor, Bangladesh, child trafficking, Mother Teresa, his imprisonment, world religions, his personal philosophies after witnessing so much human suffering, and much more. Based on a series of tape recorded interviews made over several days in Kolkata it is available to all who are fascinated by Jack's life, and philanthropy. 

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

The obedient drone of a farm tractor complemented rather than disturbed the sounds of the Welsh countryside. It blended softly with the skylark's song high above. and the distant wail of the gulls wheeling white over the sea beyond the cliff top.

The lone silhouette at the controls blended equally well with the landscape and viewed from a distance, he might easily have been a life size model, or someone motionless in meditation, as the large machine carried him in successive parallels over the field.

The heavy sweet smell of manure mixed with the breeze, and the driver contentedly let his mind drift, lulled by the throb of the engine and the gentle motion of huge tyres turning in soft earth.

It was not a moment to receive a peremptory order from somewhere beyond his own consciousness, but the information came resolutely and forcefully from nowhere. It was almost as though his head had been opened up to receive it, and was closed again immediately, leaving the command permanently in place.

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